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11 March, 2009

Recent Penzey’s Spice Order

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1   11950      Chili 9000 2.1 oz. 1/2 cup jar……………..$5.49 1   22042      Horseradish Dip 4 oz. bag…………………..$5.45 1   22642      Szechuan Pepper Salt 4 oz. bag ……….$4.59 1   31851      Oregano Mexican .4 oz. 1/2 cup jar…..$2.99 Shipping, $5.95   TOTAL : $25.08

15 July, 2008

La Cense Mail Order Beef

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Last week, the good people at La Cense Beef sent me a quantity of their products to try for free in the hopes I’d tell you good things about them here. And after trying some of the items they sent, I am certainly impressed. Their website proclaims that their beef is all natural, hormone free,
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7 March, 2008

My Recent Penzey’s Spice Order

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penzeys.com — the descriptions are from their website. Quan Item No. Description Price —- ———– ——————————- ————– 1 48040 Smoked Spanish Paprika 4 oz.bag $4.59 Rich, colorful Spanish Paprika, naturally smoked over traditional oak fires. Awesome flavor and perfect color, good on just about everything. Sprinkle on chicken and fi sh before cooking, add to
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24 December, 2007

Unusual Meat in the Mail

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Here are some sources for unusual products. (If you’re on this list, and you’d like to send me samples, by all means…)   D’artagnan (Newark, NJ) is a pretty well-known supplier of packaged pàtés … in fact, my supermarket carries it for the holidays in the specialty cheese case … but I had no idea
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