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26 September, 2008

Lamb and Wild Rice with Roasted Autumn Vegetables

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A good project for a lazy Sunday. It will fill your place up with some great aromas. This recipe is a mixture of rich, tender roasted pumpkin, flavorful root vegetables, and earthy lamb and wild grains, and is based on something I saw in the October ’08 Everyday Food magazine. In their version, it’s rigitoni
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11 April, 2008

Mass Consumption

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I wrote the entry on braising this morning because I made braised lamb shanks the other night. Looking over this weblog, you’d think we eat lamb every night. I guess I’m just on a kick. According to the US Department of Agriculture, I’m apparently making up for the rest of America. (It’s really hard to
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1 April, 2008

Kefta Kebobs

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Mix a pound of ground lamb (or ground beef) with finely diced leeks (or onions), 2 tablespoons softened butter, chopped garlic, smoked paprika (I’m addicted to this stuff), chopped fresh rosemary, chopped fresh mint. Form the meat mixture around a metal kebab skewer, about as thick as your big toe. I cooked them on a
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24 March, 2008

Lamb Hash

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I started off by dicing a large russet potato and parboiling it for 10 minutes in well salted water. Then I sauteed some sliced onions and shallots. Once they were soft, I removed them to a bowl, and then browned off a pound of ground lamb, and removed it to the bowl. There was quite
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1 March, 2008

Antibiotics in Meat

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Senators Ted Kennedy (D., Mass) and Olympia Snowe (R., Maine) must have read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, because he recently introduced a bill to limit the use of antibiotics in chicken, beef, sheep and pork farms. According to the book, modern industrial cattle farms force the cows to eat something they normally wouldn’t
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