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17 August, 2008

Smoked Eel

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“Out in the wild, they are slippery slimy creatures… On the plate, though, it’s a different story.” On my recent trip to visit family, we had lunch at a german restaurant called the Hofbrauhaus — as close to an authentic german beer garden as I’ve seen since my summer in Europe, 20 years ago. Over
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30 June, 2008

Herb-Smoked Salmon

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I made this one up as I went along, though, now that I think about it, Jamie Oliver probably did something similar on his new series. I used a prepared spice rub, but you could use your favorite spice mix. I used fresh savory fronds, but fresh rosemary, fennel fronds, or tarragon would probably work
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15 March, 2008

Fish Au Gratin

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This recipe goes against everything I’ve been told about fish and cheese. They’re not supposed to go together. You never put parmesan on, say, shrimp and linguine. This recipe has loads of cheese… three kinds, in fact, and it tastes pretty darned good. When I made it, I picked up a fillet of orange roughy
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30 January, 2008

“En Papillote”

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So the other day, my wife said she wanted fish for dinner. The pickings at the fish counter seemed pretty slim, but there were some orange roughy fillets, a firm fleshed white fish, that looked pretty good, so I picked up a couple. It occurred to me that I should try cooking them in a
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