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28 August, 2008

Making Marinara

Posted in : recipes, vegetarian on by : Dave
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Well, I’ve spent the afternoon making marinara sauce with whats left of the huge batch of tomatoes I bought the other day. Some of the tomatoes have gotten a little tender in spots, but I’ve only had to throw away two of them because of mold, and I’ve nearly used up the last of them
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28 August, 2008

Pickling in the News

Posted in : news, tricks & techniques on by : Dave
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“[P]ickles are kind of show-offy, even more so than bread. If you make your own, for some reason, it really knocks people out.” The Washington Post has a longish article on a local woman who is starting a small business venture producing her own pickles. It details a few recipes (spicy dill pickle spears, dilled
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