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Boston Baked Beans, take 2

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You might find, in the Cooking Monster archives, an entry I wrote about my attempt to make a batch of homemade baked beans, and how I lamented that the results really weren’t worth the effort. Well, urged on my my brother, I have since purchased an authentic bean pot in Zanesville, Ohio, and decided to
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Braised Spinach with Minced Meat

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I made some braised spinach last night that didn’t go well with my wife. She prefers fresh spinach salad to anything that’s been cooked, even if I’m careful to wilt the greens only slightly. So I had some more greens left over, and tossed this together. The freshly ground nutmeg really makes it, giving an
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Things to Add to Omelets

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Brown eggs taste no different from white eggs. Rhode Island Red hens give you brown eggs … the older the hen, the darker the egg. Creamed or plain chipped beef; Crumbled, crisp bacon bits; Strips of thinly sliced ham or bologna (fried); Fried minced onions, scallions, green peppers, pimentos; Creamed or sauteed mushrooms; Minced leftover
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