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Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam
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This jam in midwinter tastes as fresh as the berries tasted the previous summer. The secret is to make small batches and to not overcook. The jam tends to be thinner (excellent for pancakes or ice-cream topping!) and less gummy than store-bought, but the fresh flavor cannot be beat. If you prefer thicker jam, you
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Things to Add to Omelets

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Brown eggs taste no different from white eggs. Rhode Island Red hens give you brown eggs … the older the hen, the darker the egg. Creamed or plain chipped beef; Crumbled, crisp bacon bits; Strips of thinly sliced ham or bologna (fried); Fried minced onions, scallions, green peppers, pimentos; Creamed or sauteed mushrooms; Minced leftover
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Truth or Consequences : Egg Labels

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The New York Times has a pretty good article about the information you’ll find on an egg carton … what’s required, what the government allows them to claim, and what’s just creative story-telling. “For eggs from chickens that live in the sort of utopia conveyed by the images on most egg cartons, look for “animal
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