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Roast Beast

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I just tried a new technique for taking a relatively inexpensive cut of beef (the eye round roast) and turning it into a juicy and flavorful roast beef dinner. As usual for the meals I post about here, it’s not fast, since it takes about 30 hours total, but it’s definitely easy. Note: If your
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Mysterious Food on the Internets

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Daily Lunch is a japanese site detailing one obsessive artist’s lunch box, and their artistic creative presentations. How frozen pizzas are made. What’s in a twinkie? (Amazing. Twinkies have been around for 78 years! They’ve been around as long as the Chrysler Building, in New York, and Betty Boop. Here are more events from 1930.)

Welsh Rabbit

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This was one of my granddad’s favorites. It’s very economical. You can probably make it for less than $5 total provided you have all the seasonings on hand. (Especially if you grab your cheddar from the dairy aisle of the grocery store, instead of the specialty cheese or deli section.) Supposedly the name dates back
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What’s a “Heritage” Turkey?

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You’ve probably seen this phrase tossed about a lot lately, what with the holidays approaching. Your choices of what kind of turkey to put on the table seems to be widening, and the confusion mounts. Heritage turkeys are heirloom varieties, the ancestor breeds of the much more common but freak-of-nature, broad-breasted white turkey. Heritage does
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Sixty Years of Christmas Cookies

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(image courtesy Gourmet Magazine) Gourmet Magazine offers up a great site detailing 60 years worth of recipes for cookies. The recipes are presented just as they appeared on the pages of the magazine, so the recipes for the cookies from the 40’s don’t presume you’ll be using modern conveniences like a food processor, so you
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Shells and Coins

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6 italian sausage links (hot or sweet) 2 tablespoons butter (or olive oil) 1 small onion, chopped fine 1 clove garlic, minced 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, plus a little more for garnish 2 fresh tomatoes, seeded and chopped 1 pound small shell pasta (conchiglie, maruzze, or lumache) grated Parmesan Prick the sausage with a fork,
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Lamb and Wild Rice with Roasted Autumn Vegetables

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A good project for a lazy Sunday. It will fill your place up with some great aromas. This recipe is a mixture of rich, tender roasted pumpkin, flavorful root vegetables, and earthy lamb and wild grains, and is based on something I saw in the October ’08 Everyday Food magazine. In their version, it’s rigitoni
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Great Food Processor, only $100

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I’m not sure how long this deal will last, but if you need a new food processor, or don’t have one yet, Amazon is selling this Cuisinart food processor for $80 off its list price, a savings of 44%. This is the same model I’ve used since 2005, and I have no complaints about it.
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Have You Been Short-Sized?

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They have a gallery up over on The Consumerist showing 34 examples of what they call the “grocery shrink-ray…”  Manufacturers hope you won’t notice, but even the New York Times noticed : “In industry lingo, it’s called short-sizing. Aiming to offset increased ingredient and transportation costs, some of the nation’s food manufacturers are reducing the
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