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Easier Printing

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I’ve tinkered a bit with the site design, making it so that a lot of the stuff for navigation on the sidebar, and some of the page formatting gets hidden when you want to print a particular post or the front page of this site. Still trying to decide if I should include comments on
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High Pressure Chili

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So I ended up making chili con carne tonight using my new pressure cooker, pretty much just as described by Jacques in the last post. I used a course grind of buffalo meat instead of beef, and I saved the green onions for the end instead of putting them in the pot at the beginning.
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Revenge of the Roasted Beast

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This past weekend, we had a late family holiday get-away in the Pocono’s and I volunteered to make dinner for one of the nights, so I pulled out my recipe for Roast Beast, the same one I posted here last month. This time, I made four roasts instead of just one, for a crowd of
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