DC Area Best Restaurants, 2008

Mon, Jun 9 • 0

An important resource for locals and DC tourists alike.

Reminiscent of my own Google Maps project, someone took the time to enter all 100 of the best restaurants in the greater DC area, as listed by Washingtonian Magazine, into Google Maps.

Pick Your Own Produce VA/MD/DC

Sun, Apr 20 • 0

Last year, I used Google Maps to locate all of the “pick your own produce” farms in the greater Washington DC area. Berries dominate the list (black-, straw-, blue-), but also apples, cherries, and some let you pick your own vegetables, too.

If you’re not a DC local, I encourage you to create your own Google map of these sorts of places near you and link it here!

Google Maps: Pick your own produce VA/MD/DC

Where to Eat in Arlington and DC

Wed, Jan 16 • 0

jefferson memorialOver on Serious Eats, I just spent a bit of time writing a long message about where people should eat when they’re coming to the DC area. I focussed mostly on budget eats in Arlington. Here’s a bit of what I wrote:

Others have covered the more upscale choices of restaurant, but if you’re looking for breakfast or lunch, or you’re on a budget, here are some places you might want to check out…
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