Alternatives to Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags

Posted: Thu, Jul 17
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Written by: Dave

How To Carry Groceries With A Square Of Cloth

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  • Oh, this is so clever and elegant.¬† I will be practising, so I won’t be a fumbling goose at the supermarket when I take my scarfe from my neck and start piling my groceries on it!
    Great for picnics, carrying a thermos & oh so much more than just shopping of course…
    Thanks Dave

    Robyn — Wed, Jul 23 @ 10:28 pm

  • Clever and elegant¬†indeed but why do American’s insist on demonstarting strength with bowling balls?

    Miss Holly — Wed, Jul 30 @ 2:29 am

  • And by demonstarting I mean demonstrating.

    Miss Holly — Wed, Jul 30 @ 2:34 am

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