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Posted: Mon, May 12
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Written by: Dave

I’ve tried this japanese concoction, and I’m not really sure what the attraction is. It reminded me of Miracle Whip, and not really in a good way. I’d heard about it on some of the foodie message boards I read and heard such rave reviews of the stuff — how it was better than any other mayonnaise others had tried; that it was more savory than the rest. I found it to be exactly the opposite, when my brother smuggled a little 1 oz. bottle back from a recent trip to Japan for me. Nevertheless, if you want to try it for yourself, or if you’re one of its big fans, I spotted a display of large bottles at my nearby World Market store for $3.99, which is a big savings off of Amazon, at $11.49 a bottle.

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  • Mix it with a some Sriracha sauce and it becomes amazing. Another way that’s nice is to have it on okonomiyaki or takoyaki. Seriously, I inhale the stuff… Soooo good…

    Sherry — Wed, Feb 18 @ 10:03 am

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