Recent Food Neologisms

Posted: Fri, May 2
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Written by: Dave

New words and phrases coined about food, courtesy of the Double-Tongue Dictionary.

vegecurious adj. “Tomerlin says about half of Spiral’s customers aren’t vegetarian, but folks she dubs ‘vegecurious‘ (sounds vaguely naughty). She advises first-timers to start with more entry-level dishes such as the taco salad or chopped barbecue sandwich.”

lawnmower beer n. “Summer may be the best time to eschew the exotic and just go for a simple ‘lawnmower beer’—something to chug after a sweaty session of yard work.”

Droste effect n. “At my grocery store I could only find three examples: Land O’Lakes Butter, Morton Salt and Cracker Jacks. These packages each include a picture of the package itself and are often cited by writers discussing such pop-math-arcana as recursion, strange loops, self-similarity, and fractals. This particular phenomenon, known as the ‘Droste effect,’ is named after a 1904 package of Droste brand cocoa.”

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